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Hairy Monkey Supply

Hairy Monkey - Diamond Stainless Steel Blades (100 Blades)

Hairy Monkey - Diamond Stainless Steel Blades (100 Blades)

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Discover shaving excellence with our 100 double-edged platinum-coated stainless steel razor blades for men.

Sharp and precise: Our highest-quality edge blades ensure a precise and clean shave.

Unmatched durability: Thanks to their platinum-coated stainless steel, these blades ensure a long lifespan for your razor.

Micro-ground and coated: Each blade is meticulously prepared to provide a smooth and clean shave.

Gentle on sensitive skin: Enjoy the smoothness and ease of each pass. Don't compromise on the quality of your shave.

Elevate your experience with our double-edged blades and get a smooth and precise shave every time. Our blades make any shave an experience you'll look forward to. Enjoy consistent and comfortable quality, no more razor burns or skin irritation. With these blades, you can experience heightened comfort every time you shave. Feel the excellence of a razor sharp and consistent edge for a clean look you can be proud of.


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